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“My husband and I had considered doing new windows in our home in the past but never thought too seriously about it. We had our free estimate and gathered a ton of helpful information. Once installation day came, everything went very smoothly. All of the workers were nice and professional and got the old windows out and the new windows in in a timely manner. I would HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone looking to get new windows!”
– Chelsea Rager

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Windows are a focal point of your home. They provide character, charm, and style while protecting you and your family. Windows can be a subtle change that sets your home apart from the rest of the neighborhood.

In Fort Wayne, not only do you want a good looking window, but you want one that will last and be durable, too. That’s where we come in. Perfect Steel Solutions offers window replacement and installation in Fort Wayne, IN, and the surrounding areas. Our composite windows are the perfect way to make a statement designed to last.

Composite Windows: The Basics and the Benefits

Is composite the right material for your Fort Wayne home?Composite windows are low maintenance, energy efficient, attractive, and add value to a house. This style of window is quickly becoming one of the most popular options on the market. 

Composite windows are made from a blend of materials, mainly laminated lumber, resin, and fiberglass. This allows them to be flexible and yet strong. Composite windows often have the charm of a classic wood window without the maintenance and fragility. Although they can be slightly expensive they are well worth it because of all the benefits they carry with them.

Benefits of Composite Windows

Composite windows give you an extremely durable, weatherable, and fade resistant product that is far superior to other window framing materials.

Materials and Longevity: Due to the combination of materials comprising composite windows, they are more durable and last for up to 40 years. Because composite windows don’t have a hollow-core frame, they often last longer than other window types.

Strength: Because of their strength, they don’t allow for twisting or warping in extreme weather conditions.

Energy Efficient: The wood components in the windows make excellent insulation. In turn, there is also no heat or cold conduction, which results in more energy efficient use and lower utility bills.

Style: Composite windows are beautiful and sustainable. They are paintable and stainable to the homeowner’s liking.

Maintenance: Enjoy little to no maintenance with composite windows.

The Perfect Steel Difference

At Perfect Steel Solutions, we cover it all. Not only do we provide top-quality windows, but we’ve created an elite glass system to really make sure your windows are unlike any others in Fort Wayne. Our Perfect 366 Glass System is a double-glazed reflective glass pack, which consists of 3-layers of infused silver. Our infused silver will reflect heat and dielectric layers to stop cold transfer, in addition to adding a chemical-protector layer.

Types of Composite Windows

Every homeowner has a different style, and with that, includes your window style. Types of window styles and frames that are most popular around Fort Wayne are single hung or double hung.

Single Hung: This is the standard in home windows. It provides a single operable lower sash to open the window and allow for ventilation.

Double Hung: This gives you the opportunity to open each sash, rather than just the bottom one. Two operating sashes move up and down allowing for ventilation on the top, bottom or both. This makes cleaning easier and allows for better airflow.

With either option, you can get a single window, twin options, or triple units. Additional options include double hungs with pictures, operating arch top double hung, and half round. No matter the window style you’re after, Perfect Steel Solutions can provide you with beautiful composite windows, any way you like.

Composite windows on a home in Fort Wayne, IN.

Window Repair and Installation

Window replacement or repair can be a lofty task to take on alone, especially if you’re dealing with glass of any kind. For the safety of yourself and your home, contact a professional in Fort Wayne, IN to help repair or install new windows on your home!

Composite vs. Vinyl Windows: Which is Right for My Home?

Vinyl windows have been the industry standard for decades, but with composite on the market, you’ll have to choose which one is best for you. Vinyl windows are easier and quicker to manufacture, which is why they typically cost slightly less than windows made from a composite material.On the other hand, you’ll get slightly better insulation from the composite material, which may save on energy costs and offset the initial investment.

Both windows are durable and long-lasting, but composite windows are slightly more rigid, giving them a longer lifespan against Fort Wayne winds and the natural expanding/contracting of windows.

Though both vinyl and composite replacement windows are great options, composite based windows are a better choice in most circumstances. You can discuss your options, budget, and more with Perfect Steel Solutions to see what works best for you.

Partner with Perfect Steel Solutions

When you partner with Perfect Steel, you’ve got a team of professionals looking after you and your home. We bring you windows backed by one of the most trusted brands in the industry: Interstate Window and Door Company. They were the first company in the U.S. to introduce the all vinyl single hung window to construction and today offer both vinyl and composite options.

When you work with Perfect Steel Solutions, it means that we:

  • Will pull all proper permits required
  • Are fully insured, which includes products or completed operations coverage
  • Are manufactured trained and certified
  • And we have the best warranty in the business
Our Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty

Perfect Steel Solutions Perfect Windows Warranty agrees to repair or replace, FREE OF CHARGE, any vinyl that is found to be defective. We warrant that under normal conditions, material obstruction of vision resulting from film formation or dust collection between the interior glass surfaces of the insulated unit will not occur for a period of the lifetime from the date of contract. Perfect Steel Solutions makes no warranties regarding pre-existing condensation conditions or its control.

Fort Wayne’s Leading Window Installer

If you’re ready to add some long-lasting flare to your home, consider composite windows with Perfect Steel Solutions. We are proud to work with those in Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas to protect you and your family with reliable, weatherable, and stylish window products for your home. Give us a call today to learn more about our composite windows.

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