Metal roofing is growing in popularity as a choice for homeowners all across the country, and even right here in Fort Wayne, IN. When most people think of metal roofing, it’s common that they imagine the classic barn or cabin roof.

Today, metal roofing is so much more than traditional. The styles, colors, textures, and possibilities are endless.

Our Fort Wayne, IN expert roofing team at Perfect Steel Solutions is here to break down the types of metal roofing, help you explore your options, and provide installation details so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Why Choose Metal?

One of the many benefits of metal roofing is that it’s made to look like common roofing material – such as asphalt shingle, cedar shake, clay tile or slate roofing – only stronger and more durable.

Because of metal’s durability, metal roofing also sees increased longevity over other roofing materials, often lasting at least 50 years before a replacement is needed.

Metal is popular among types of metal roofing in Fort Wayne, IN because of it's longevity.

Not to mention, because of metal’s energy efficiency, cooling costs for Fort Wayne, IN homeowners is often reduced 10-25%.

Metal reflects solar radiant heat, which means that heat is not absorbed into your home, and your AC doesn’t have to work as hard to stay cool. With all of that being said, metal is often viewed as the superior material for homeowners considering a new roof.

If you’re not convinced just yet, keep reading.

Exploring the 4 Most Common Types of Metal Roofing

At Perfect Steel Solutions, we’re known for our flawless execution for residential metal roofing projects around Fort Wayne, IN. We’ve taken the time to perfect our craft, and today, we share exactly how we do it, as well as explore other common types of metal roofing.

Exposed Fastener Elite Grip Panel Roofing

95% of our business in Fort Wayne, IN comes from what we call Exposed Fastener Elite Grip Panel roofing.

Our job is to provide you with a beautiful roof for your new home. We do this by making sure the metal for your home is cut into what we call perfect panels, fit, and customized to the size and slope of YOUR roof, that way there is no need for overlay and the installation process.

When it comes to types of metal roofing, Perfect Steel Solutions in Fort Wayne, IN, is here to help!

We also coat your metal panels with a special matte finish, so it doesn’t have the same glare as barn panel roofing would. Our elite grip exposed fastener style simply just means you can see the screwheads on the roof, as this allows for easier installation.

We make sure the screwheads are ceramic coated, the same color as the panel, and blend in with the roof, creating a flawless finished product.

Stamped Roofing (Stone Coated Metal Shingles)

Traditional shingles tend to be popular because they carry a lower initial cost. However, because they have to be replaced every 10-12 years, this nullifies the expense advantage.

Our solution is stone coated metal shingles.

Simply put, this is the best of both worlds.

This is a stamped metal panel that gives the same look as shingles and is coated in the same finish as shingles. But, because it is metal, the lifespan of your new roof will last you much longer than regular shingles, but your neighbors won’t even notice the difference.

Pre-Formed Panels

As the name suggests, these panels are pre-formed with standard dimensions and shapes and come from hardware stores in Fort Wayne, IN, such as Lowes, Home Depot, etc. The panels are cut to the style, slope, and dimensions of your roof.

Pre-formed panel roofing is one type of metal roofing that some homeowners in Fort Wayne, IN choose to use.

This type of metal roofing often leads to unfinished cut edges and a tougher time during the installation process.

When you work with Perfect Steel Solutions, we use our perfect panel installation method over pre-formed panels to provide a more uniform look to your roof. For an exceptional, durable, and beautiful roof, give Perfect Steel Solutions in Fort Wayne, IN a call today.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam is another commonly used type of metal roofing. For this style, all of the panels snap together and the screws are hidden.

One major drawback to this method is that it raises the roof of your home because the panels are not attached to the roof deck (the base).

Furthermore, this type of metal roofing also can create what is known as oil canning.

Oil canning is when you get a wave, ripple, or bulk between standing seams on a metal roof.

Oil canning can be prevented if using superior types of metal roofing in Fort Wayne, IN.

Sometimes this can be a very subtle wave, but it can change under different lighting.

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this problem.

The only solution is to either live with it or replace the entire panel. In some extreme cases, the whole roof will need to be replaced.

At Perfect Steel Solutions in Fort Wayne, IN we don’t use this method of roofing, so we never have issues with oil canning.

With our perfect panel installation method, we create striations, or a series of ridges, within the panels to create tension to avoid heat spots, deflections, and oil canning.

Out of all the types of metal roofing, choosing the right one for your home and wallet is critical. That’s what we’re here for. Give us a call today to learn more or for a free estimate for your home.

“Perfect Steel Solutions went above and beyond to be sure that we are happy with our new metal roof. They communicated well with us throughout the process so we didn’t have surprises or challenges. Perfect Steel Solutions has a great product and gives even greater service. Thank you!”

– Anna Dathe

Fort Wayne’s Local Metal Roofing Contractor

Perfect Steel Solutions is proud to work with customers in and around Fort Wayne, IN. The longevity of metal roofing is one huge benefit itself, but it gets even better with our Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty.

Under our warranty, we agree to repair or replace, free of charge, any shingles, installed ridge vent, underlayment, roof accessories, or chimney flashing that is found to be defective or that was improperly installed. This warranty is valid only so long as the roof is installed on the premises of the original installation. Removal of the roof system or any part of the roof system invalidates this warranty. We also offer this warranty for 15 years for the succeeding owner, if applicable.

If you’re in the market for a new roof, the time is now. If you’re ready to learn more about the types of metal roofing or schedule your free estimate, give us a call today.

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