A Custom Roof is the Perfect Solution

We manufacture our own metal roofs in order to deliver the best results to our customers.

Often times, a roofing company will force parts to fit on a roof even if they are not a perfect fit.

We don’t do that.

Once you decide on the metal roof you want, we’ll come out to your home, take exact measurements and create a list of the necessary parts. This information is then used to precisely cut and shape the metal sheets to fit perfectly to your roof.

Custom Cuts

A perfect fit means no leaks.

If you have a unique shaped home, you would typically have to settle for whatever standard parts the roofing company has in stock. With us, we make the roof fit the house. Every single piece of metal is custom cut and shaped to give a more secure fit to help prevent leaks and create an overall more aesthetically pleasing look.

Direct Pricing

We cut out the middle man.

Because you don’t have to order your metal roof from a third party company, it means,

NO hidden fees | NO upcharges | NO additional shipping fees

All of this combined saves on the final cost of your metal roof.

Quality Control

You don’t have to settle for less.

Perfect Steel Solutions has a hand in every step of the process, from cutting and shaping to delivery and installation. Because of this, we can guarantee the quality of your metal roof and the customer service you receive.

The Last Roof You’ll Ever Need…

Protect your home for a lifetime.