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Need New Gutter Guards?

Let us give you the best in the business.

Your gutters protect your roofing system. But what protects your gutters? At Perfect Steel Solutions, we provide you with a solution to keep your Fort Wayne roofing system in quality condition. Gutter guards are an often overlooked addition to your system that can prevent many of the common gutter problems we see in our area. Take advantage of our gutter guards, to ensure your gutters stay clean and last as long as possible.

Helmet Guards can help protect your Fort Wayne home.

What is a Gutter Guard?

Gutter guards are essentially designed to act as a filter over your gutters. While the primary purpose of a gutter is to move water away from your home’s foundation, gutter guards keep that highway clear so the water can move freely. By blocking debris from entering your gutters, you can enhance the gutter’s ability to draw water away from the roof.

Of course, there are several DIY methods of gutter guards all over YouTube, and while these hacks may work for a short-term fix, eventually they often may cause more harm than good.

There are four main types of gutter guards available in Fort Wayne that can be used effectively with the help of a roofing professional in Fort Wayne, IN.

Gutter Brush: A gutter brush looks like a bottle brush placed horizontally in your gutter. This works by simply preventing leaves and other debris from accumulating in the gutter while still allowing water to flow freely. These can work well, but still need to be cleaned out frequently and don’t solve the problem long-term.

Foam Filler: A foam gutter guard if made to fit perfectly into the gutter with a porous substance that blocks all materials except liquids. This prevents collection of debris in the gutter. It tends to work well, but to ensure you get a filler that fits perfectly, it helps to have a professional installation.

Gutter Screens: A screen or mesh guard is usually fitted under the roofing shingles and attached to an aluminum frame. This ensures easy installation and durability. These screen or mesh guards prevent all types of debris, even small grains of sand. This type of system is ideal for a homeowner, as it minimizes the need for gutter cleaning.

Nylon: This type of gutter guard slips onto the gutter itself rather than to the shingles. It works well for most environments, but is ideal for winter areas because it has more flow for heavy melting snow.

At Perfect Steel Solutions, we offer 5 or 6 inch seamless gutters, with mesh or premium gutter helmets, and custom gutter guards best suited for your roofing system. For additional information about what may work best for your home here in Fort Wayne, contact us today.

Protecting Your Gutters: Why Guards Matter

What’s the big deal? A few leaves in the gutter never hurt anyone, right? Think again. When ignored, gutter clutter can result in serious damage to your roof and your home.

Roof Damage: Water in the gutters means water contacting the edge of the roof. When you have sitting water in the gutters, it basically soaks the edges of your roof. Overtime, that constant water contact causes deterioration of the materials and rotting wood. Eventually, a simple gutter issue can lead to a complete roof replacement.

Damage to Walls, Windows, and Doors: Your walls, windows, and doors are not built to have constant water contact. If your gutters aren’t doing their job, the walls, windows, and doors pay the price causing them to rot, warp, and weaken.

Damage to Foundation: The job of a gutter is to keep water away from your foundation. Excess water contact with the foundation of your home can cause the entire structure of your home to shift, crack, or even sink.

Landscaping Damage: When excess water falls on trees, plants, and flowers, it’s like watering your flower beds with a fire hose. Too much water can definitely be a bad thing, especially for your favorite plants. Maintain your landscaping and protect the work you’ve put into your homes outside appearance.

Regular cleaning of your gutters is important, but often not enough, especially in Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas where the weather can sometimes be unpredictable. Go the extra mile and invest in custom gutter guards and covers with Perfect Steel Solutions. Gutter guards help with keeping your gutters clear of debris and buildup, but there are more benefits where that came from.

Benefits of Gutter Guards: Why You Should Invest

Gutter guards can help reduce cleaning on your Fort Wayne home.

Save Time and Money: Cleaning out your gutters should be done, at a minimum, twice a year. And that’s generous, especially if you live in a region like Fort Wayne. Every time you clean your gutters, it takes time and money away from something else you’d rather be doing. Whether you choose to clean your gutters yourself (taking up time), or paying a professional to clean them (money), dirty gutters are expensive. Gutter guards can help cut back on the time and money you invest, giving you a much greater return on your investment when it’s all said and done.

Reduce Mice and Insects: In Fort Wayne, we aren’t strangers to vermin and rodents. These pests can live in the gunk in your gutters. It gives them an endless supply of warm breeding grounds. With less stagnant water hanging around, your home is more difficult for birds, mice, and insects to make a home. Keep the pests out by guarding your gutters properly.

Alleviate Ice Damage: When water gets trapped in your gutters in the winter, it turns to ice. Ice dams cause both water damage and blockage issues, not to mention can strain your gutters and weaken them, if the ice buildup is heavy enough. Our gutter guards prevent debris from accumulating and alleviate ice damage to help protect your home’s roofing system.

Gutter Guard Repair and Installation

As we mentioned, those DIY gutter guards and covers will only last as long as you maintain them. Save yourself the time and money with professional gutter repair and installation of your gutter guards with Perfect Steel Solutions.

Working with us means you get more than gutter guards. You get a prevention partner to protect your home and family. Every installation comes with additional benefits including:

  • All proper permits are pulled by our team, if required
  • A fully insured team with products or completed operations coverage
  • Experts who are manufactured trained and certified
  • The best warranty in the business: Our Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty
Our Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty

Our warranty states that we agree to repair or replace, free of charge, any shingles, installed ridge vent, underlayment, roof accessories, or chimney flashing that is found to be defective or that was improperly installed. This warranty is valid only so long as the roof is installed on the premises of the original installation. Removal of the roof system or any part of the roof system invalidates this warranty. We also offer this warranty for 15 years for the succeeding owner, if applicable.

Prepare for Winter with Perfect Steel Solutions

Ice and snow season is right around the corner, and the leaves are already falling. There’s no time to waste. Fort Wayne winters can be unpredictable, so be prepared ahead of time and contact us today to get your very own custom gutter guards. No need to worry if you’re not right here in Fort Wayne, as we proudly serve those within a two hour radius as well. Stop waiting and start protecting your home. Contact us today to get started.

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